Herstory – Telling the stories of forgotten Irish heroines

You might have seen on my Twitter and Facebook that I have been involved with a project called herstory. The project is uncovering the forgotten stories of remarkable Irish women from past and present through a variety of events, performances and exhibitons.

I am one of 22 herstorians researching and writing short biographies which are featured on the project’s website and social media accounts. There’s also a herstory series on the Irish Times Women’s Podcast which focuses on one biography every week.

I was introduced to the project by my friend Aileen, founder and director of the Goddess Club (Go on, check it out!), and she suggested to get in touch with them. I was intrigued by the idea of herstory and it very much fitted in with my own series History’s Rebel Girls, showcasing the work and life of kickass women. So I met with herstory founder and director Melanie Lynch and came on board, lending my expertise as a historian, researcher and writer.

It’s been great fun working on the biographies and finding out more about the remarkable achievements and colourful lifes of Irish heroines. There is so much I could write about every single one of them, but I can only show a little bit of their amazing achievements. Hopefully it will encourage people to explore the biographies of these women further and provide inspiration for new role models.

As Melanie said at the official herstory launch on 25 May 2016 in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda (where Countess Markievicz lay in state in 1927), we have a momentum now to create an Ireland of equals, it’s time we seize it.

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