New year – old me

It’s January, time to be resolute. All the things that I haven’t been able to do last year, I’ll definitely tackle now. I wish! I’ve never been one for making big resolutions, but the end of the year does make me pause and take stock of what happened over the year and what I would like to achieve in the future. Rather than beating myself up about the things I didn’t manage to do or achieve, I try to focus on the positives and figure out why some things fell by the wayside.


2015 has definitely been a challenging year for me, lots of changes happened and I still haven’t quite figured out how best to cope with them. But of course, there were many great things that happened over the year. I finished my PhD, I got to go to Paris, Amsterdam and the beautiful Antrim coast, I spent time with my family and friends and I was given some new career opportunities, not to mention I introduced the world to the Ab Challenge (You’re welcome, world.).

Being with my family over Christmas also put things into perspective and showed me I should value the time I’ve got with them, since especially my grandparents won’t be around forever. Instead of putting a lot of time and effort into getting a six pack (Who needs that anyway if you got the Ab Challenge!), I want to make more time for staying in touch with my family and call my grandparents more often.


Of course I’m not completely immune to the usual new years fitness and health craze. My poor fitness app doesn’t know what’s hit it after weeks of inactivity. Bread (aka the crack cocaine of today’s nutrition world) has been largely banned but then I might have ordered a sneaky Dominos pizza over the weekend. Oh well, balance is the key.

This year I mainly want to focus on reinforcing some good mental health habits I’ve already been able to cultivate over the last couple of years. I figure once I’ve got a handle on keeping my stress and anxiety levels to a minimum, everything else will be much easier to tackle.

To help me concentrate on the positives in my life, I will do a little project I’ve been seeing on the internet. I’m starting the new year with an empty jar. An empty jar I’m going to fill with good memories so that when I empty it at the end of the year, I’ll be able to see all the great things that have happened. The idea is that you regularly write down something good that has happened and then put the note in a jar. 365 days later you’ll have all these small and big memories to read over. I thought it was a lovely idea. With a hectic year racing by it’s easy to forget the small things that happened which brought you happiness at a particular moment in time.

So in a nutshell my resolutions for this year are: only one cheese toastie per week, ring your folks more often and make lots of happy memories. I’m ready 2016, let’s go!

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