4 Weeks

4 weeks
You’re too skinny, Anne. The doctor says. Okay. I feel alright though. You need to put on weight before starting school or otherwise you won’t be able to carry your school bag. Really? They must be really heavy.

We’ll send you to the coast. The fresh sea air will be great for you. You’ll be right by the ocean. You like the ocean, don’t you? There’ll be lots of other kids to have fun with.

4 weeks. Hmm, okay. How long are 4 weeks? It’s long, isn’t it? You’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice. Time will fly. If you say so. Here are some presents to take with you, lovely new markers for colouring in.

Where are my new markers? I thought mum put them in my bag. Maybe she forgot. So many beds in one room. Nowhere to hide. I better stick to myself. 4 weeks. They say I need to get weighed now.

Do as they tell you, don’t cry. But she’s not getting any bigger. I can’t eat anymore. I feel sick. Can I get up now, please? I don’t want dessert. At home we never have dessert. Okay, just one more scoop. 4 weeks. Just look over to the door. Maybe they’ll come to take you home. It’ll be better. Don’t cry in front of them. Don’t make a fuss.

It’s empty and quiet. It must be late. I should be in bed, but it’s all wet. I need to find somebody. I made a mess. They’ll be angry. What are you doing up so late? They are angry. 4 weeks. I’m sorry. Is it over yet?

Everybody is laughing, everybody is happy. Why are they happy? Can we go home? There’s a postcard. I want to write back, but I can’t. I haven’t learned yet how to write. They say I’m happy. They say I’m doing great. Almost there, aren’t I? Only a little longer. 4 weeks.

All lined up. Maybe this time it’ll be more. Maybe this time I’ve done well. I did so well in the dining room. I didn’t even cry. It must be more. You haven’t put on any weight at all, Anne. I think we need to keep you here a little longer. No, please don’t! You said 4 weeks.

It’s over. 4 weeks. Is it them? I don’t recognise them. I think I’m safe though. I better hide in the corner, just in case.

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