Resolutions for the new year

In 2018 I intend to do less:

Less judging myself for how I feel when I’m too tired or anxious to meet up with friends, when I can’t function how I’m supposed to function, when it all gets a bit too much.

Less putting the needs of others before my own needs. Less apologising for how I feel, even if at times those feelings are irrational and don’t make sense to me or anyone else.

  • focus on positive thinking and practice self-compassion
  • set boundaries with myself and others
  • be selfish

Less pressuring myself for not getting enough work done, for not being creative enough, for not having this adult life stuff figured out.

  • remember my past achievements more objectively
  • reflect regularly on the great things I have done, instead of focusing on what I haven’t achieved yet
  • remind myself of the things I’m grateful for

Less mindless consumerism and impulse buying of things I don’t really need to make myself feel better.

  • think before buying, and don’t give in to spontaneous purchases
  • buy second hand clothes where possible and de-clutter regularly to see what I actually own
  • invest in experiences rather than material things

Less consumption of entertainment that reinforces tired old stereotypes and ideas, or that is solely created by white men.

  • reassess my youtube viewing habits, cutting down on make up & beauty channels that only promote consumerism
  • diversify my viewing/reading/listening habits to include more works by women of colour
  • stay better informed on current political issues
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