shirin neshat iranian art

Shirin Neshat, born in Iran in 1957 and now living and working in the United States, is a visual artist (video and photography) and filmmaker. Her work to date has focussed on contemporary Islamic cultures and identities, primarily exploring the experience of being a woman in Islam. Her artistic approach aims at creating a dialogue which identifies and explores some of the negative and stereotypical characterisations of Muslims, particularly Muslim women. Neshat grew up in an Iranian household that was open to western ideas and…Continue Reading “History’s rebel girls – Shirin Neshat”

gerda taro

In today’s post I thought I’d try something a bit different and instead of talking about myself all the time, I’ll talk about an interesting woman from history. I’m hoping to make this a regular feature with posts about once a month or so introducing women, alive or dead, who have made a great contribution to society and have just been all round kickass ladies. Taking inspiration from the Bikini Kill song ‘Rebel Girl’, history’s rebel girls should serve as a reminder of how awesome…Continue Reading “History’s rebel girls – Gerda Taro”